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The Inter County Baseball Association (ICBA) is committed to providing a sport and work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to participate in an environment which promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices. The ICBA will not tolerate harassment among its members or participants. Harassment takes many forms, but can generally be defined as comment, conduct or gesture directed toward an individual or group of individuals, which is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading or offensive. Sexual harassment refers to any sexual advances, requests, suggestions or activity of a sexual nature that is unwelcome by the recipient. Harassment is discriminatory, degrading and threatening. In its most extreme forms, harassment can be an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code. Harassment directed towards any individual, including but not limited to, players, coaches, parents and other team and game officials will not be tolerated. Name calling, threatening, ridiculing, intimidating, isolating, hazing or ignoring a player’s needs are examples of emotional abuse that will not be tolerated. Any purposeful attacks on a player, coach, umpire or any individual, such as shaking, shoving and grabbing are examples of physical abuse that will not be tolerated. An individual, who perceives any activity as a form of harassment, is encouraged and supported in notifying the President of the ICBA.


Due to the positions of trust that are inherent in the provision of active, high quality baseball activities, all volunteers shall be required to undergo a screening process based on the duties assigned by ICBA. This process will be comprised of a variety of measures and may include a Police Record Check. The Volunteer Screening Program is a multi faceted program, aimed at preventing undesirables from becoming involved with our association. Position descriptions have been developed for most of the jobs that need to be done in our association. Each of these jobs have had a level of risk assigned to it and assessed a screening process to that position. We, as an organization that provides programs to vulnerable people, have a moral and legal obligation to appropriately screen those volunteers that work for this organization. In line with our obligations, we have instituted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Any individual that applies for a position that requires a Police Record Check and presents a Police Record that contains any criminal conviction will have his/her application rejected without recourse for appeal.
By Checking the Button Below I hereby State my Commitment to follow the ICBA Position on Harassment and Acknowledge that my Application will not be Considered Until I submit a Police Check completed Within the last 12 months. I will Mail my completed police check to: Intercounty Baseball, 319 Grand Ridge drive Cambridge, ON, Canada N1S 3Z6
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