2018 Online Registration (click here)

The following forms/documents will be REQUIRED at In-Person Fitting (if you do not have the forms with you, we will NOT be able to fit your athlete and you will be asked to come back or come the following day)

1) Copy BIRTH CERTIFICATE (NEW registrants ONLY)
2) Copy of Current Physical
3) Signed Town Release Form
4) Concession Form with check post dated 12/1/18
5) Cheerleaders must bring a blank check for additional required items
***Football equipment pick up will be scheduled prior to the first practice. A $200 Football Equipment Deposit check is required at the time of equipment pick-up.

***Cheer Uniforms pick up (Vests & Skirts) will be scheduled prior to the first practice. A $175 uniform deposit is required at time of pick up.

***There is a player/cheerleader cap of 35 per team, please register early.***

***All checks are made payable to CYFCA





Code of Conduct and Liability Waivers

Concession Stand

The concession stand produces valuable revenue for CYFCA which helps keep registration fees low. Volunteering to work one (1) two (2) hour shift per athlete is required. A deposit of $200 per athlete in the form of a check needs to be submitted and will be returned upon completion of one shift. An opt out option is available. Shift sign up will be available online. A link will be emailed to each family.

A change in shift volunteered for may not occur less than 10 days before the week of the shift. Schedules for a week period will be posted on Wednesdays, 10 days before the weekly shift starts at the concession stand. Once a schedule is posted, changes made online will not be honored. Individual switches may occur at that time; however, the person who signed up will have their check forfeited if the shift is not worked.

You do have the option to pay the $200 opt-out fee per athlete if you do NOT want to work the required 2 hour shift per athlete. You will need to check the $200.00 opt-out fee box and pay at check out or if paying by check include the amount in the registration fee and make a note in the memo of check that it is for registration and concession opt-out.

We do accept Independent Health Flex-Fit Debit Cards
(Flex-Fit Family & Personal Best Plans Only)

* required

Payments Accepted By

Note: Credit Card information can be entered once this form is submitted