Last Updated: April 26, 2017

2017 Super Series World Series Registration Form

* Team Name:
* Super Series Team ID #:
* Tournament:
* Age Division:
* Team Classification:
* Manager Name:
* Manager Email:
* Manager Contact Number (Cell):
* Mailing Address:
* City / State / Zip Code:
* Asst. Coach Name:
* Asst. Coach Contact Number (Cell):
* Team Mom Name:
* Team Mom Contact Number (Cell):
Check here if Blue Diamond Tournaments can release your contact info to other managers.  
Please remit payment to:
Blue Diamond Tournaments
PO Box 806
Round Rock, Tx 78680

Be sure to enclose with payment, a copy of Registration and Roster.
(confirmation of Registration form will be emailed back shortly)

For questions - Contact info
Rick Stevens 512-225-4000
Super Series 480-664-2998

* required