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For team registration, A non-refundable deposit of $300 is due by registration deadline. The balance is due before the third game. A $50 late fee will be charged for each game it is not received in full after the 3rd game. If the balance is not paid before the 8th game, your team will forfeit the rest of the season and playoffs.

ASSUMPTION AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. Contact sports are inherently dangerous. The undersigned, on behalf of the undersigned and the undersigned's child (collectively "Participant") (1) assume the risk of personal injury, property damage or other loss (collectively "Injuries") to the Participant arising from or related to activities in York County Men’s Soccer League (The League); (2) release The League and it's agents, employees, staff members, officers, directors and members from all liability, claims, or responsibility for injuries to Participant; (3) grant permission for Participant to participate in activities in The League; and (4) release The League from injury arising from any good faith acts or omissions in emergency situations. I accept the above statement.

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