All Vegas Ladies Registration





Many lifelong lessons can be taught through the game of basketball. We believe you selected the All Vegas Ladies Basketball Program because it provides a good and positive environment for your daughter. Our coaches are dedicated in making sure that your daughter’s experience is fun, beneficial and knowledgeable. In light of this, we ask for the parents’ support in achieving this goal.

1. Cheer from the stands at games but do not coach from the stands.
2. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
3. Absolutely no foul language will be tolerated.
4. Make sure your daughter arrives to practices and games ON TIME and is prepared.
5. Refrain from criticizing opposing players, other parents, teammates, officials and coaches. Please understand, YOU are a representative of All Vegas Ladies Basketball.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will gossiping or bad-mouthing any players or members of the coaching staff be tolerated. A parent, player or spectator may be asked to leave the premises if they become disrespectful to coaches, officials, other players or spectators. Behavior such as this, is detrimental to our program, our image and your child's development.
Depending on the severity of the infraction and/or situation, removal from the program may be imposed with ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.

Should you have a concern, please feel free to speak directly to Coach Kaps.

REMEMBER: This is a family. Families take care and support one another.



As the legal guardian of the player attached to this registration form, I hereby consent to the
aforementioned person participating in the All Vegas Ladies Basketball program including but not limited to; tryouts and games and/or tournaments. I recognize that potentially severe injuries can occur in any activity that is associated with basketball and youth sports.

I understand that this is the express intent of the All Vegas Ladies Basketball program, to provide for the safety and protection of my child and, in consideration for allowing my child to tryout and/or participate for the All Vegas Ladies Basketball program, I hold the club totally harmless.

I hereby forever release All Vegas Ladies Basketball program and its Directors, Coaches, Staff and Volunteers, any facility used by the All Vegas Ladies Basketball program and its officers, employees, coaches, volunteers and owners from all liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered by my child while under the instruction, supervision or control of any of the above so mentioned.

As legal guardian of the aforementioned person, I hereby agree to individually provide for the possible future medical expenses which may be incurred by my child as a result of any injury sustained while trying out or participating with the All Vegas Ladies Basketball program and any facility used by the All Vegas Ladies Basketball program and its officers, employees, coaches, volunteers and owners.

In case of an emergency and I, the legal guardian, is not present, I authorize All Vegas Ladies Basketball program staff to administer first aid to my child/or take my child to an emergency room (if necessary) for further treatment. This acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability, having been read thoroughly and understood completely, is signed voluntarily as to its content and intent.

By checking the box on this waiver to complete the registration, I am hereby accepting and agreeing to this statement.

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