Fall 2018 16U Registration Form

The home field manager is responsible to make sure the Manager/Umpire Interaction Policy is reviewed before each game during the ground rules and agreed to by both managers and the umpire. Failure to do so results in that manager's suspension for that single game.

It is the organization's responsibility to address field conflicts within an organization or for fields the organization schedules or provides permits. The BCML will provide an initial schedule, after that the manager is required to follow procedures to address conflicts with scheduled games. Procedures are clearly explained in the rules. Understand them and agree to them before you complete this registration.

The manager of a team is responsible for the conduct of his players, coaches and fans/spectators. Do not complete this registration if you do not take this serious.
The posted rules are very explicit on our conduct and ethics policies, they and will be enforced to provide the proper atmosphere at all BCML venues.

Home field teams are required to arrange for and schedule a MD State certified umpire association to provide the umpires for your home games

No umpires under 21 years of age are permitted, no matter the qualifications.


* Each team must submit properly signed medical waiver forms for each player on the roster or that player is ineligible

* The medical waiver is a legal document, falsification is a crime and controlled by Maryland Sate laws

All teams must have insurance and be able to prove coverage.

Each team must provide an insurance certificate naming the BCML as additional insured.

The certificate must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the first scheduled game.

Teams not submitting a certificate within the stipulated time line will result in the team being added to the BCML provided policy and charged accordingly.

Submitting this registrations certifies agreement to this policy and payment thereof.

If you do not have insurance thru BCML you must provide
a certificate of insurance naming the BCML as additional insured.

* required

Payments Accepted By

Note: Credit Card information can be entered once this form is submitted