2019 TOPS Buddy Application (13 years or older)

Branchburg Soccer expects good sportsmanship for all those involved in the club, including spectators. Good sportsmanship occurs when all teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect. Children learn the basics of sportsmanship from the adults in their lives, especially their parents and coaches. Please remember, our referees are local children, perhaps your neighbor’s son or daughter who is also learning the game. They will make bad calls, just like the professional referees and umpires we see on television. The club will not permit coaches or spectators to argue calls or to abuse our officials in anyway. Players and coaches who fail to show good sportsmanship are subject to receive disciplinary action to include being suspended from play or coaching. Coaches who see dangerous or unsportsmanlike conduct are required to take the appropriate action, even if the referee has not.


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