Last Updated: April 29, 2017

2017 BT Travel Commitment Letter Player/Parent

Burlington Township Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken Baseball League will be supporting South Jersey District4 by fielding tournament teams during 2017 (April through July). There is a level of both player and parent commitment that is expected throughout the travel season. Players and parents must acknowledge the following in order to be eligible to participate:

• Player is available for the duration of the season as communicated by the team manager to participate in all practices, games, and other team activities. Vacations and other activities that will preclude the player from availability must be noted on this Letter of Commitment. Players are expected to prioritize their Burlington Township Travel Baseball team above all other teams and sports activities.

• Parents will be responsible for the same level of commitment as outlined above and communicate all conflicts with the team manager as soon as they are identified.

• Parents of team players MUST be available to volunteer as requested to cover any field/snack shack requirements (even if your team is not playing or even not playing locally). The possibility does exist that support will be needed that does coincide with player games, but this would be a last resort as all other possibilities will be examined first.

• There will be costs associated with participation in this program, including but not limited to tournament fees and uniforms. Players will be expected to pay all tournament fees and uniform costs prior to the tournament season.

• Players are REQUIRED to participate in 50% +1 regular season recreation games to be eligible for Travel.(if age/team is playing recreation that season)
• Playing Time

1. Playing time will be based on the player's abilities and does not necessarily mean equal playing time.

2. Decisions are made for the benefit of the team and not individuals. Playing time for each individual will/should be discussed by the whole coaching staff.
Note: Coaches are not out to get any one particular child.

3. District teams

a. Playing time is not guaranteed.

b. For District/STATES/Regionals, the rules state that you must start a game with 9 or 10 players....If you start with 9, you end with 9 or if you start with 10, you must end with 10. What does this mean to you? There can be 2 or 3 players sitting on the bench (not hitting or playing the field) at any given time during these tournaments.

* I have read/understand and agree to the above Travel Commitment.:
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