Last Updated: April 29, 2017

2017 BT Travel Baseball Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

We ask all players to follow the BT Travel Baseball Code of Conduct.

1. I will learn the rules of the game and follow them.
2. I will be respectful of my teammates, all coaches, opponents, umpires and fans.
3. I will not challenge, dispute or criticize any call made by an umpire.
4. I will bring problems to the attention of the coach in private.
5. I will not criticize the players on either team or the fans supporting the team.
6. I will not use unsportsmanlike conduct during a practice or game.
7. I will not start a fight with another player, including teammates.
8. I will not use foul language at any time while representing the BT Travel Baseball
9. Once the game begins, I will remain in the dugout unless I obtain permission
from the coach to leave.
10. I will not eat in the dugout during the game unless I get permission from the
11. I will notify my coach if I am unable to make a practice or game.
12. I will make sure I clean the dugout, gather all team equipment and collect my
personal belongings at the end of each practice or game.
13. I will not talk when the coach is speaking and I will watch the coach during player
14. I will handle equipment with care to ensure the personal safety of me, my
teammates, coaches, fans and other players on the field. I will not throw my
equipment (ie bat, helmet, glove, etc) in disgust
15. I will congratulate the opposing players, umpires and coaches at the end of each
game win or lose.
16. I will wear my uniform with pride, wear a hat at all times, keep my jersey tucked
in and keep my equipment in good clean condition.
17. I will play hard and work towards using the methods taught by the coaches.
18. I will remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve skills,
develop discipline and learn how to play the game as a part of a team.
19. I will come prepared to all team activities and am responsible for getting to
practice on time. This is my responsibility, not my parents’ responsibility.
20. I will otherwise follow the BT Baseball Travel Guidelines.
21. I understand that if I break any of the rules above, I can/will be disciplined at the
discretion of the coaching staff.
a. First offense – sit 2 full innings immediately
b. Second offense – sit 4 full innings immediately.
c. Third offense –suspended for one full game. Player must attend next game
in full uniform and sit next to one of the coach’s for the whole game. If there
are practices in between the games, the player must attend practice.
d. Fourth offense - suspended indefinitely and a meeting with parents will take place
with BT Baseball Executive Board to discuss next actions.

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