Last Updated: April 25, 2017

2017 BT Travel Coach Code of Conduct

BT Travel Head Coach/Assistant Coach Code of Conduct

The Head Coach (Managers) and Assistant Coach(s) must recognize that they are representing Burlington TownshipBaseball program at all times. Statements made and the conduct of our Head Coach(s) and Assistant Coach(s) determine the reputation of our baseball program in the eyes of parents, players, spectators and visitors. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each Head Coach and Assistant Coach(s) to maintain the best interests for theBurlington Township Baseball program at all times.
All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches, as a condition to their selection and continued service as Head Coach and Assistant Coach, are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

1. Be open and understanding, show patience and have the capacity and willingness to work with young players. The Head Coach and Assistant Coach(s) must help their players understand that winning is secondary and giving their best effort is primary. When a Head Coach/Assistant Coach(s) is focusing on the effort a player puts forth, it will make the player more confident with their abilities. Be reasonable in your demands on the players and remember that the game is for them and that above all, they should have fun.

2. The Head Coach (or one Assistant Coach in the Head Coach’s absence) is the only individual allowed to discuss an umpire’s rule interpretation. If a Head Coach wishes to discuss the interpretation of a rule (not balls and strikes, safe or out) or needs to discuss a situation with the umpire, he/she must first ask for time out and, if granted, then shall discuss or question the call/situation in a courteous and calm manner.

3. Complaints and concerns about the management of the program (BT Travel Baseball) should only be addressed in private with the Head Coach’s/Assistant Coach(s)’s appropriate League Travel President. The Travel President reserves the rights to bring this to the attention of the BT Baseball Executive Board.

4. Once the game begins, the Head Coach and Assistant Coach(s) must remain in the dugout at all times except when coaching a base, warming up a pitcher, batter or catcher or when time out is requested and granted for a conference with a pitcher, umpire or for an injury. Where allowed by League rules, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are allowed to be outside the dugout during the game to coach fielders.

5. Each Head Coach and Assistant Coach is expected to know the rules for his/her Age Group, including but not limited to pitching limitations, playing time, batting order, safety and position play.

6. In order to keep the baseball experience positive for the players, ideally each team during a game should have at least one Coach coordinating activities for the team.

7. Any violation of a Code of Conduct needs to be reported to the appropriate League Travel President.

8. If a Head Coach or Assistant Coach(s) chooses to consume any alcoholic beverage before an organized event, he/she should excuse themselves from the event to show your support for this Code of Conduct.

9. Any criticism of a player is to be “teaching oriented” and is to be directed towards the improvement of the player.

10. While baseball “chatter” is sometimes used during a game, loud obnoxious noises or screaming with the intent to rattle the opposing pitcher is prohibited. Intentional distractions, such as banging or rattling dugout fences will not be tolerated.

11. Any major disciplinary action needs to be reported to the Executive Board and if necessary, Commissioner.

12. Do not leave players unattended after practices, games or scheduled events.

13. Be sure players adequately warm-up and warm down at every practice and game.

14. The Head Coach is responsible ensuring that the BT REC Department has equipped each BT Travel team with first aid kits and any other medical equipment that is necessary to be present for all practices, games and other workout events. In the unlikely event the Head Coach is not available; he/she is responsible to ensure this is delegated to an Assistant Coach(s).

15. All items of conflict or concern, if not resolved through your efforts, should be reported to the appropriate BT Travel President and Commissioner. It is recommended that use a 24 hour rule before contacting league officials.

16. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are expected to set realistic start and end times for practice.


17. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are to recognize that they hold positions of trust and responsibility, and are ultimately role models for the players. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches should lead by example for players.
Some basic examples of acceptable conduct are:
• Show good sportsmanship.
• No abusive language and/or swearing.
• No ridicule or harassment of umpires.
• No throwing of equipment and/or kicking of equipment or other items.

18. The following points will lead to an evaluation by the BT Executive Board (and possibly the Commissioner as necessary) for possible disciplinary action:
a. No verbal abuse, ridicule or intimidation of a player on any team, of fans, or of other Coaches.
b. No threats of physical abuse such as, but certainly not limited to, pushing, shoving or grabbing of shoulders or similar acts of discipline.
c. No use of alcohol at, before or during any games, practices or trips to workout facilities.
d. No use of tobacco products in the dug-out or near the playing field.

19. The Head Coach is ultimately responsible to ensure the players, players’ parents/guardians and Assistant Coach(s) adhere to the Code of Conduct.

20. In the event a player should require more than minor disciplinary action, such action should be taken in private with the player.

I have read and understand this Code of Conduct and fully, unequivocally support it, its intent and its essence. If it is determined by the BT Executive Board that my conduct violated either the letter or the spirit of this Code of Conduct or the Supplemental BT Baseball rules to which this Code is a part of, I understand that I may be relieved from participating in BTB programs.

* I have read/understand and agree to the above Code of Conduct.:
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