2019 Buddy Bank Form


Please Note: Challenger Baseball Manitoba requires all Coaches and key volunteers to provide a satisfactory Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check.

Applicants will be provided with a Child Abuse Registry Check form and are encouraged to use the forms provided as an internal check will be provided by the province of Manitoba at no cost to the program, however that check must remain internal. Challenger Baseball MB cannot reimburse for "Self Checks" in this case.

I am available for the following training and development workshops:

I hereby accept the responsibility to be a Buddy of a Challenger Baseball Manitoba player for the current playing season. I understand that if I am a successful candidate, my appointment shall be made by the Buddy Coordinator, ratified by the Challenger Baseball Manitoba Committee and will expire at the end of the current playing season.

I acknowledge the requirement of Challenger Baseball to be a positive role model at all times for players, other buddies, coaches, parents, and other spectators. I agree to obtain, read and comply with all rules and regulations set forth by Challenger Baseball Manitoba, Information sheets issued to me by Challenger Baseball Manitoba and also any policies by Baseball Manitoba and league (may be obtained on their website or provided upon request). At any time, the Challenger Baseball Manitoba committee can suspend or terminate my appointment as Buddy.

I acknowledge the level of commitment required by me. I will sign up for games I wish to volunteer for and notify the Buddy Coordinator in advance if I am unable to attend any game that I have signed up for throughout the season. I understand that if my absenteeism becomes a problem, my appointment as Buddy will be terminated.

I also understand that all persons who could be perceived as a Buddy must apply to Challenger Baseball Manitoba and follow the same guidelines. If we wish to buddy together, we indicate such on the form. This is both for our safety as well as players.

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