Please complete this form if you would like to be one of our head coaches for the upcoming fall season. Interview requests will be processed and the interviews will be conducted in early February We are planning to complete the interviews and place coaches before registrations begin in March.

You will be required to submit your social secrity number and pass a background check prior to being interviewed.

Please email info@clairemonthawks with any questions or if you require additional information.

By submitting this Head Coach Interview Request, I give my permission for CYFCC to contact me to schedule an interview for the desired head coaches position.
I understand that prior to my head coach interview I may be required to provide my Driver's License, Social Security number, and any other information necessary to complete background checks, verify information, etc.

By agreeing to the head coach interview process, I give my permission for CYFCC and/or SDYFCC to conduct a background check on me, which will include a review of sex offender registries, child abuse and criminal history records.
I understand this includes, but is not limited to, criminal background records/information, criminal background checks/fingerprints, and possible driving record checks.

I authorize this information to be obtained either in writing, via the Internet, via telephone, or in person in connection with my volunteer application.

I understand that if approved, my position is conditional upon CYFCC/SDYFCC receiving no inappropriate information on my background.

I understand that regardless of previous appointments, CYFCC/SDYFCC is not obligated to appoint me to a volunteer position.

I hereby release and hold harmless from liability CYFCC, SDYFCC and AYF, the Officers, employees and volunteers thereof, or any person or organization that may provide information on my background.

I understand that I have no right, claim or cause of action of any nature or any relief, including any claim seeking monetary damages from CYFCC, SDYFCC, or AYF, its officers, volunteers or agents if my application is denied.

I understand that if appointed, my appointment is at will and I can be terminated prior to the expiration of my term, and that I am subject to suspension by CYFCC/SDYFCC/AFC for any violation of CYFCC/SDYFCC/AYF policies or principles.

I understand that Clairemont Youth Football & Cheer, San Diego Youth Football & Cheer, and American Youth Football have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY concerning alcohol/drug use and violence/fighting.
I understand that I can be removed from CYFCC permanently if found guilty of violating that policy. This policy extends to my attendance at practices and games at any field within the SDYFC area.

I understand that this policy extends from the first practice/game of the day until the last practice/game of the day. I will respect the rights of my child and the children of this conference at all times by upholding the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

Completion of this head coach interview request does not guarantee a position with Clairemont Youth Football & Cheer. By submitting this interview request you are confirming you understand this policy and that all information you are submitting is true.

Note: CYFC, SDYFCC, AYF, and affiliated associations will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, creed, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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