2017 Referee Crew Evaluation - COACH USE

Supplemental Description of Metrics

Evaluation Rating System
Excellent (5) = Outstanding for that category, excellent performance, stellar officiating
Good (4) = Slight room for improvement, well above average, very few issues, reliable officiating
Fair (3) = Minor cause for concern, moderate deficiencies in this area, passable officiating
Poor (2) = Encountered significant problems, clear shortcomings, undependable officiating
Inadequate (1) = Overwhelmed, unacceptable performance, no confidence in this officiating

Demeanor and Professionalism
Positive: Negative:
• Arrived on time
• Professional appearance
• Cordial and approachable
• Enthusiasm and confidence
• Positive attitude • Indecisive/hesitant
• Abrasive and short-fused
• Poorly handled pressure
• Unprepared and distracted

Skating, Hustle, and Fitness
Positive: Negative:
• Stayed with flow of the play
• Hustled to re-gain positioning
• Maintained field of vision
• Avoided interference with the play
• Displayed ample endurance • Lack of physical effort
• Poor anticipation
• Became fatigued
• Created unnecessary interference

Understanding and Application of Rules
Positive: Negative:
• Consistent calls throughout the game
• Solid command of rules
• Handled unique situations
• Called the Standard of Enforcement
• Clear and proper signals • Inconsistent or incorrect calls
• Invalid explanations
• Failed to meet standards of play
• Poor on-ice awareness

Overall Game Management
Positive: Negative:
• Took control of difficult situations
• Maintained authority and communication
• Soundly followed procedures
• Gave timely explanations and warnings • Unpredictable
• Influenced by score, situation, or a previous incident
• Long, unnecessary delays
• Slow to react to situations

The Referee’s Evaluation is to be takes seriously, without bias, and regardless of game result. If necessary, take 24-hours after the completion of the contest to gather your thoughts so you may offer a constructive evaluation. Any evaluation submitted without fair criticism or insight will not be accepted. Evaluation forms containing extreme language and/or hollow remarks will be disregarded as well. The evaluations will be used to help determine which officials will work during the post-season and beyond.

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