2020 Summer Bash Waiver Form





MEDICAL/EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION (If different from Primary or Secondary Guardian)

COVID 19 Waiver and Release: COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily through person-to-person contact. Federal authorities and the State of Maryland recommend social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contracting COVID-19 can lead to severe illness, personal injury, permanent disability, and death. By my signature below I understand that participation in programs and activities through Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks, including Finksburg Baseball could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19.

I the parent of the above named child hereby give my approval to participate in any and all Finksburg Baseball activities. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities, I acknowledge that there are inherent risks and dangers associated with recreation programs, including Finksburg Baseball and that Carroll County Recreation & Parks does not provide any registrant medical or hospitalization insurance whatsoever, and therefore, I hold Finksburg Baseball, its volunteers, coaches, and board members, Roaring Run Lions Club, Lions Club International, and Central Carroll Rec Council and its members from all claims of injury, damage, or loss which may result from my, or my children’s participation in the program/s listed below.
I acknowledge that:
If at any time, ANY of the following screening criteria below are true for myself, my child or any tournament attendees, I will not come to the complex or allow my child or attendees to participate in the tournament:
1-Fever in the last 2-14 days (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher)
2-Unexplained cough, shortness of breath, muscle pains, shaking with chills, headache, sore throat in the last 2-14 days
3-Prolonged exposure (15 minutes or more within 6 feet or less) to any exhibiting the systems above in the last 2-14 days

We have been requested to only spectate my child's team play during the tournament and will promptly exit the complex once my game is completed unless we are scheduled to play in the next game. This is to limit crowd size at any given time at the complexes. Please do not loiter between your scheduled games.

We will wait for the parking lot to clear from the previous game before exiting our vehicle in an attempt to limit crowd size at the complexes

I will wait for the field to clear from the previous game before entering or allowing my child to enter the field of play

I understand that the dugouts at the Roaring Complex will not be used at any time during the tournament and that players and their equipment will be spaced out along the fence lines 6' apart.

Participants will use the provided hand sanitizer on the way onto and out of the fields.

There will be no home plate conference prior to the games- umpires, coaches and players are to familiarize themselves with the rules before the tournament.

Games will be 6 innings long and no new inning will start after 1:45 min

To demonstrate good sportsmanship after the games, the players will line up on the foul line for the MVP coin ceremony and will "tip the hat" to the opposing team- there will be no post game handshakes

Spitting or sunflower seeds are not allowed anywhere on the complex.

I have been requested to wear a mask in situations where 6' of social distancing cannot be maintained with those outside your immediate party in common areas (outside the field of play). Coaches are requested to have a mask on hand should interactions where social distancing cannot be maintained be required.

Masks are not required on the field of play but can be worn if participants chose to do so.

Coaches & Spectators Code of Conduct

As we attempt to promote the most positive experience for the youth of Carroll County and surrounding areas, we are committed to the following standards. All coaches and spectators should read the following standards and sign below to indicate their willingness to abide by them. As parents/guardians of a player, you are responsible for yourself, as well as, all guests and family members who attend the game. In addition, the team’s coach will be held accountable for the behavior of their team’s spectators and will be disciplined accordingly if spectators do not uphold these standards. We are a Central Carroll Rec Council sponsored activity, and all policies of Carroll County Recreation & Parks , and Central Carroll Rec Council will be implemented.


1. Comply with the policies and procedures of Carroll County Recreation and Parks & schools as communicated by recreation council volunteers or County staff.
2. Respect all participants, coaches, staff, officials, and volunteers at every practice or youth sports event and encourage all children to do the same.
3. Refrain from abusive or inappropriate language or gestures toward officials, volunteers, coaches, staff, and participants. With the exception of a congratulatory handshake or “high five,” never make inappropriate physical contact with participants, coaches, staff, officials, or volunteers.
4. Accept the decisions of the officials as being fair and performed to the best of their ability. Spectators shall never go onto the playing or practice field, or approach the official scorekeeper, while the game is in progress or immediately after the event. Allow the coach to take all questions, rule interpretations, or concerns to the tournament director.
5. Refrain from giving the children instructions during the game – allow the coach to guide them.
6. Help ensure the safety of the playing area by reporting any unsafe hazards, removing trash, leaving food and beverages outside the practice or playing area when requested, refraining from the use of tobacco on site and refraining from use of alcohol or other drugs at or immediately prior to all youth sports events.
7. Encourage and compliment players when they show improvement, play with extra effort, or simply need kind words.
8. Abide by a doctor’s decision in all matters of health, injuries, and ability to play.
9. Remember that the game is for youth – not adults.

Penalty for non-compliance:
We certainly anticipate that tournament games will be emotionally charged and competitive. However, we also expect that every participant and spectator will conduct him/herself at all times in a manner that is appropriate for youth baseball.
Accordingly, arguing with or complaining about umpire judgment calls (balls/strikes, out/safe or fair/foul) or any display of inappropriate behavior (to include foul language used) by coaches, managers, players, parents or other
spectators simply will not be tolerated. Anyone (except players) in violation of this sportsmanship rule will be asked to leave the premises immediately by either the umpire or tournament site director. If after five (5) minutes the offending person is not out of sight and sound of the field, the team will forfeit the game in progress (final score recorded as 7 - 0). An ejected player will be restricted to the dugout. Anyone ejected from a game may be suspended from participating or being a spectator at the next game. Possible exceptions: (1) If a player is ejected for throwing his bat unintentionally (in the judgment of the umpire) he would not be suspended for the following game. (2) If the tournament director upon a review of the events leading to the ejection and discussions with game officials and all parties involved determines that further game suspension is not warranted.

Team head coaches/managers are 100% responsible for the conduct of their assistant coaches, players, parents and any other related spectators. If anyone other than the head coach/manager is ejected by an umpire for unsportsmanlike
conduct, the team's head coach/manager may be suspended for the next game (see possible exceptions above).

Anyone who threatens a tournament official, umpire, opposing coach or player (either physically or verbally) will be asked to leave immediately and may not return for the duration of the tournament.
Authorization for Use of Photographic Likeness
I agree to allow Finksburg Baseball to take and utilize photographic images of the registered individual's for the purpose of promotion and publicizing of the programs and/or events. If I prefer to not allow the above registered participant/s to be photographed, I will contact finksburgbaseballpres@gmail.com to register my request
If you do not wish to receive league emails with updates and information, then you may contact finksburgbaseballpres@gmail.com to be removed from the list.


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