2019/2020 Pre K - 6 Junior Wrestling Registration

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Wrestling is a contact sport, and injuries may occur. In consideration of the acceptance of my child into the Franklin Regional Junior Wrestling Program, I, individually and as a parent/guardian of the above named athlete, a minor, do hereby agree to release, discharge and hold harmless all parties involved, including the coaches, board members, and volunteers of the Franklin Regional Junior Wrestling Program and Franklin Regional School District from all liabilities, damages, claims, or demands whatsoever on account of any injury or accident involving said minor arising out of the minor’s attendance at practices or in the course of competition or activities held in connection with the Franklin Junior Wrestling Program.

I also give permission for my child to be photographed and agree that the photographs may be used on the website for the Franklin Regional Junior Wrestling Program or other programs regarding our wrestling organization.

In addition to the wrestler fee for the 2018/19 wrestling season, a $50 cash deposit will be required when you receive your singlet(s). This one time, per family charge will be returned to you with the return of your singlet(s). You may choose to opt out of the $50 deposit and not take a singlet; however, you will not be able to participate in any Keystone league matches or Area tournaments without a school singlet.

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