Coach Application 2018


I have read and understand the rules pertaining to the league that I am to coach in. I have also read the Herriman Baseball “Code of Coaches Conduct”, and I am willing to abide by these principles.

I understand that I am responsible for the safety of the players on my team, and will not jeopardize their health or safety for the game. I understand that I am responsible to recruit a Team Mom, who will work with the League Mom to help in the Leagues Fundraiser activities. I understand that it is vital that
our team participates in the Fundraiser. If my team does not have a Team Mom, we will not receive our uniform until we do.

I understand that I may have access to personal information regarding the players within Herriman Baseball, and that I must respect and keep confidential all such information, and not share it with others.

I understand that as a Coach/Assistant Coach, I am responsible for the behavior and actions of the parents and fans of my team. I also understand that my team may be subject to a penalty due to the actions of the parents or fans.

I understand that there is NO tolerance for abuse, physical or verbal, towards the umpires or other league officials.

I understand that I will be issued equipment and baseballs that are the property of Herriman Little League, and that at the end of the season all equipment and baseballs are to be returned.

I submit to a background check paid for by Herriman Baseball. You will receive an email from a third party service requesting your information. Herriman Beseball will not retain any of this information. Player safety is critical and this is required to coach.

* required

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