2019 Boys & Skill Builder Soccer Registration

Thank you for your interest in HAACH Sports. This registration form contains 3 parts: Player Registration, Volunteer Job Selection & Player Eligibility Consent.
Even if you are not paying by credit card please select a payment type and appropriate fee then click "Submit Form". You will be directed to a summary screen to add another child or proceed to check out to pay by credit card. If you are not paying by credit card select the "Not Paying Online" and you will be registered for the team. Many Thanks.

Soccer Volunteer Jobs Consist of the Following. Please select 3.

1. Team Parent (type rosters, phone tree, send weekly reminder and communications for coaches)
2. Car Pool Coordinator (organize carpools as needed for away games)
3. Statistician (records scores on the web site)
4. Cougar Day Coordinator (head the team for Cougar Day Activities)
5. Cougar Day team member(work on team for Cougar Day, make food, decorations, shop for awards for seniors)
6. Banquet team Coordinator (head the team for the end of season banquet)
7. Banquet team member (help to organize, set up and clean for end of season banquet)
8. Coach/Assistant Coach for Skillbuilding and JV teams only
9. Tournament Coordinator – Var team only (collect forms, reserve hotels and carpools if needed)
10. Fundraising Assistant (work with fundraising team to track fundraising obligations)
11. Webmaster for HAACH (year round position of managing the website – covers volunteer job for all sports season)

HAACH Homeschooling Eligibility Guidelines:

Participants must be Homeschooled more than 50% of their classes each year. Participants must maintain pursuit of their education and the majority of their educational effort must be directed toward home school instruction with a minimum of three subject areas not including extracurricular athletic endeavors.

Homeschooled means:
a. Taught at home by one of more of the student’s parents or grandparents; or
b. Taught at home by an older (18 or older) sibling; or
c. Taught at home by a legal guardian; or
d. Taught at home, or someone else’s home, by another homeschool parent or tutor, provided that it is done under the direction and supervision of the child’s parent; or
e. Taught at a central location for a particular subject (such as chemistry, speech or calculus) by a homeschool parent or tutor; or
f. Correspondence or online course; or
g. Apprenticeship (under a parent or legal guardian); or
h. Tutored classes taught at programs like TeenWorks or Grace Academy

Homeschooled does NOT mean:
a. College classes taken at a University or College; or
b. Vocational/Technical classes taken outside the home; or
c. Classes taken at a Private, Christian or Public School

Other Criteria:
a. Participant must be a live-in dependent of one of their parents (or legal guardians).
b. Participant must NOT be employed full-time (40 hours per week).
c. Participant must NOT be graduated from High School level education.
d. Participant must NOT have been expelled from public or private school during the school year of the current sports season.
e. Participant must NOT be member of a team associated with a public or private school in the same sport they are playing in the HAACH program during the same season.

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