Fall 2018 Registration Form

HPUSC Fall 2018 Registration Information & Form
Please utilize this online Recreation Registration Form in order to ensure that all of your information is submitted accurately. Alternately, a blank Recreation Registration Form may be printed, completed manually and submitted by mail, but please recognize that errors in transcription are common on manually completed forms, and we cannot be held responsible for any such errors.

Registration Dates, Information and Terms and Conditions
Fall 2018 Registration runs from 7/9/2018 through 8/24/2018.

The form below will register ONE child for the upcoming soccer season. IF you wish to have multiple children participate, a form must be completed separately for each one.

Registering Online with PayPal - As done in past seasons, HPUSC have enabled online form processing and payment in one place with PayPal. Simply complete the online form below, select the appropriate fee for your child, and continue on to checkout with Paypal. No Paypal account needed, any major credit card will work.

Registering manually via check or money order - Please select "Print blank form" below, fill out all necessary information and mail the completed forms with a check or Money Order made out to "HPUSC" to: HPUSC, P.O. Box 844, Sussex, NJ 07461.

We will be holding in-person registration events at the Sussex Library for those who are unable to register online. Cash / check / money order payments will be accepted during that time.
In-person dates/times - TBD

All payments must be received or postmarked by 9/1/2018 to avoid penalty. Any registration without payment received by then will result in your child(ren) being de-registered from the program and unable to participate. Re-registration is possible given available time as well as a $25 late charge.

Refunds may be given under certain conditions. Any cancellation request before registration closes will be issued a full refund. Any cancellation request after registration closes, but prior to season start, will receive a 40% refund. There will be no refunds issued for any reason once the season has started.

A copy of each player's Birth Certificate must be provided if not on file with High Point Soccer Club for that player to participate. If in doubt, please provide another copy.

All special requests will be taken into consideration, but some requests may not be granted or possible. Requests for a player to play up (i.e. play at an age level higher than their own) will be granted only through approval by coach or Club officer.





HPUSC is a Volunteer organization, run by individuals dedicated to providing the best possible environment for our kids to learn and grow their love of the game of soccer. There is never a shortage of work to be done, and we can always use any extra help we can get, no matter the level of involvement. Please consider volunteering some of your time to help keep our Organization running strong for our kids.

I/we, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of this minor, acknowledge that participating in the above named Club involves certain risks and that injuries, death, property damage, or other harm could occur to me or others. I accept and voluntarily incur all risks of any injuries, damages, or harm which arise during or resulting from my participation in the activity. These risks include, nut are not milited to, the possibility of accident or illness while traveling to and from events as well as injury arising out of participation in the physical activity involved with this sport. It is strongly recommended that each participant have an annual examination and carry personal health and accident insurance.

Furthermore, I/we do for ourselves, executiors, administratiors, heirs agree to hold harmless, waive, release and agree to indemnify High Point Soccer Club, Inc., New Jersey Youth Soccer, member clubs, officers, officials, referees, coaches, managers, owners of soccer fields and facilities utilized, or any sponsors for any claims that might be asserted by us or our child as a participant in the game of soccer.

As the parent or legal guardian of the above named player, I hereby give my consent for emergency medical care prescribed by an individual holding First Aid/CPR certification, Emergency Medical Technician and/or Doctor of Medicine. Care may administered by others under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life, limb or well being of my depepdent.

Unless a written statement to the contrary is filed with High Point Soccer Club, all participants (includes players, parents, relatives, friends, coaches, managers and officials) give implicit permission and authorization to High Point Soccer Club to use any still photo and/or video for promotional and communication purposes. By granting permission, participants release any and all claims for damages for libel, slander or invasion of right of privacy.

I will not be loud or negative toward players, referees, coaches, or spectators. I acknowledge that failing to show respect for people who are doing the best they can sets a bad example for our children and can result in my expulsion from the field. If someone else makes inappropriate comments, I will not make a negative response that could lead to a confrontation. As a player, I should not act in a way that could lead to my ejection from a match or embarrasment for my team. When I coach I will remember that encouragement and praise for every child, not just the best athletes, is critically important to their self-esteem and their ability to achieve the most they can. I recognize that players must get playing time to improve and gain confidence thathelps them do the best they can. I scknowledge that this is more importnat than winning games. I acknowledge that making mistakes and losing are part of life. I pledge that I will be tolerant of the mistakes of players, coaches, referees, and others. I recognize that mistakes are opportunities for learning. I recognize that within the parameters of competition, sportsmanship and fair play are paramount. I pledge that I will commit to promoting an atmosphere of healthy competition to ensure fun for all participants.

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