2020 Spring COACHING Registration

If you would like to coach more than one team/grade level, you will be asked after completing and submitting this registration.
I (we) acknowledge that the activities may be hazardous, and in an emergency, In The Park Sports, LLC, its officers, agents, members and employees have my permission to administer first aid and call emergency services. I hereby release and hold harmless In The Park Sports, LLC, its officers, agents and employees, officers from all claims, actions and demands of any kind that may arise from participation in the noted activities. I agree that photographs taken during the program activities may be used for future promotional purposes.
I hereby authorize the staff of In The Park Sports, LLC, its officers, agents, members and employees to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention and I hereby waive and release In The Park Sports, LLC, its officers, agents, members and employees and league from any and all liability for any injuries or illnesses incurred while participating in any league function. I (we) also, authorize In The Park Sports, LLC, to photograph me and/or my child during any related activities. I further authorize that any photographs may be published for purposes of promoting In The Park Sports, LLC.
In The Park Sports, LLC is committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and achievement of goals for all athletes participating in the program. In order to maintain an atmosphere where these goals can be accomplished, we have developed this Parent/Player Contract. In order to participate in our league you must agree to the rules and regulations as described below;

1. To foster among our parents/ players/ coaches, the ideals of teamwork, good sportsmanship, citizenship and character as well as the beneficial opportunities of becoming positive examples for others.

2. Take care when using equipment and supplies provided to you by the league and return such items in good repair and at the designated turn in time.

3. Be respectful of all players, parents, officials, coaches and members of the community. Remember, someone is always watching you and this could include children. The beliefs you may have for yourself and/or your family may not be for others.

4. Playing time is determined by the coaching staff. The ultimate decision is made by the head coach and assistant coaches.

6. Abide by the following rules of use for playing fields associated with public schools within the state of Oregon;

a. No use Alcoholic or Tobacco anywhere on school grounds.
b. No Dogs.
c. Water only on artificial turf.

**Use the proper communication channels to voice concerns**
We respectfully suggest the communication conduit goes towards people that can affect change. Parents/ Players/ Coaches should refrain from gossiping, or venting individual concerns to those not in a position to affect change. We believe that direct communication between the community and league leadership will develop a mutually beneficial relationship and a positive environment for Parents/ Players/ Coaches.

**Communication Channels**
1. Head Coach. If result is not satisfactory then to;
2. League

**24 Hour Rule**
We respectfully suggest that if you have concerns, you should not approach the coach during practice, games or immediately after games. Please give yourself and the coach 24 hours to consider what transpired. Then at an appropriate time, schedule a time to meet with the coach. Please keep in mind that all of our coaches are volunteers.

Above all, you will remember that this is a youth league coached by volunteers with the intentions of providing community youth with a positive, safe, educational experience with concepts of teamwork and the skills of the game. You understand that failure to follow the rules and guidelines set herein may result in disciplinary action that may include removal from games and practices by the head coach and/or In The Park Sports, LLC, its officers, agents and employees.

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