2018 Metro Celtics AAU Boy's Registration




The player agrees to be bound by the Metropolitan Youth Sports Foundation (MYSF) Inc. and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) codes of conduct, rules, and policies, which are available for review under "Handouts" on the MYSF website. By making payment of the $160 registration fee, I agree to be a member of the MYSF organization, which will entail paying tournament fees, travel fees, uniforms, shoes, etc. and participating in all fundraisers. Should the parent/player choose to not participate in fundraising, it is understood that the mandatory opt-out fee of $100 must be paid for the season
I hereby approve my child's participation with the Metropolitan Youth Sports Foundation (MYSF) Inc. and consent to emergency medical treatment for my child on my behalf. To the best of my knowledge, there are no physical or other conditions that will interfere with my child's participation. I know the participation in sports activities is potentially harmful and can cause bodily injury or death. I clearly understand that, by agreeing to this statement and/or my child's participation in this sport activitiy, I assume all risk for any injury resulting therefore.
As the parent, I agree to the statements above:

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