MoCo Warriors - Spring / Summer 2019 Fee Form

I understand that a fee of $475.00 is due for the 2019 Spring / Summer Basketball Season (except Varsity which is $1050). The fees cover the following expenses:

• Weekly Practices (2 per week on average)
• 8 Tournaments (Approximately 25-38 games) - Except Varsity which should expect 16 Tournaments!
• Scrimmages (if available)
• AAU Registration not included, and is required before season starts!
• Fundraising is mandatory or $100.00 buy-out per fundraiser
• Their will be an additional Fee for Nationals or Leagues (If decided to play)

This does not replace any previous agreements, but merely is to be merged as such with any previous agreements or forms.

Practices, tournament, and game schedules are always available at It is understood that it is best to check their if you have any questions in regards to the date or time scheduled. Emergency notifications will be sent via CrewAp and/or email.

All new players must complete the online NEW REGISTRATION FORM.

Please notify your coach of any possible scheduling issues!

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