2018 Tryout Registration





Please select your choice of jersey number in order of preference from most favorite to least favorite. You may choose from #1 through #35, excluding #7. (Note: #7 has been retired in honor of Andy Maute). Jersey numbers are assigned by seniority.

Parents/Guardians and Players - Please read each of the following statements and enter your initials in the box following each expectation (full name under the Code of Conduct) to signify your understanding of that expectation. This should be performed by both the parents/guardians and the player. At the bottom of this form, please enter your name as your acknowledgement and your agreement of the entire form.
1. I understand that this completed form is due no later than the first day of tryouts, which is February 5, 2018. I understand that no player will be allowed to participate in the MVHS Men's Lacrosse tryouts without completing this form in its entirety.

2. All players must turn in the Spring Sports Forms no later than January 26, 2018. Please go online at mvhs.schoolloop.com/athletics to complete the forms.

3. Tryouts will be held at Sycamore Park, located at 2101 Holbrook Drive, Danville, CA 94526.

4. Tryout dates/times are Monday, 2/5 at 7:00 - 9:30 pm and Tuesday, 2/6 through Thursday, 2/8 at 5:15 pm - 7:00 pm, Friday 2/9 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

5. All tryout reversibles must be returned LAUNDERED & UNDAMAGED to Yoonies Kim (yooniesk@yahoo.com) within one week of the player's last tryout. Failure to return or replace the tryout reversible will result in a hold being placed on the student's school account.

6. Tryouts are for players only. Parents are not permitted to watch their son on the sidelines during tryouts.

1. I understand that the MVHS Men's Lacrosse program is 100% self-funded and receives no financial assistance from MVHS or SRVUSD, with the exception of the Head Varsity Coach and the Head JV Coach stipends. The anticipated player donation is $400, but may change slightly based upon our final approved budget. The donation is to be paid to MVHS - Men's Lacrosse via the Monte Vista Webstore or by check.

2. I understand that MVHS will not refund a player donation for any reason after the final roster has been set. If I am unable to make a donation to the program, I understand that I may confidentially apply to MVHS Athletic Dept. for assistance (Player at Large Program) by contacting Reema Popli at rpopli@srvusd.net or 925-552-2881.

3. I understand that all players and parents will be expected to participate in program fundraising efforts in order to keep the player donation amount from escalating and to help fund this season's costs.

4. I understand that parents need to volunteer their time to help the program run effectively. I understand there is no option for a "buy out" in lieu of volunteering.

1. I understand that the following equipment is required to be worn/used by each player: helmet, mouthguard, protective chest/shoulder pads, lacrosse stick (including shaft and head), elbow pads, gloves, and cleats. lf you are unable to obtain the required equipment items by the first day of tryouts, please let us know by emailing montevistalacrosse@gmail.com.

2. I understand that an important part of MVHS Men's Lacrosse is that all players agree to abide by our team uniform rules. Our team colors are white, black, and red. I understand that cleats, pads, and gloves must be in accordance with the team color guidelines and may only be predominantly white, black, or red. Our team helmet is a white Cascade with a chrome grill and black chin guard. Helmets are available at Sling It! Lacrosse in Danville or may be purchased online through other retailers.

3. Additional uniform items include the team pullover jacket, numbered reversible, shooter shirts (worn underneath the team jersey), and a team bag. These items are not included in the player donation and may be purchased after team selections are made. If you are unable to purchase these additional items, please contact Katy Fairman, Program Administrator, at montevistalacrosse@gmail.com to discuss options.

1. I understand that the Varsity and JV teams will be practicing on the MVHS turf time TBD, Monday through Friday, excluding game days. Players should arrive and be dressed no later than 15 minutes prior to the start time for stretching/warm-ups.

2. Players will need to arrive 1-1.5 hours before their scheduled home game time. Away game departure times will depend on game location and game time.

3. Practices and/or games may be held on Saturday as needed.

4. I understand that all MVHS Lacrosse team members are expected to attend ALL practices and games at the mandated times. I understand that absences from practice or games must be cleared with the head coach in advance by the player, unless there is an emergency.

1. I understand that players will not be permitted to participate in another spring sport during lacrosse season (2/5/17 through 5/20/17). I understand that in order to comply with CIF rules, players will not be allowed to play on any other lacrosse team (club teams, travel teams or tournament teams, etc.) during the season of play (2/6/17 through 5/20/17). I understand that failure to abide by this rule can put my eligibility and the team's eligibility in jeopardy.

2. I agree to behave in a manner befitting a responsible representative of the MVHS Men's Lacrosse Program, and agree not to cause any disciplinary issues either on or off the field.

3. I understand that I am expected to exercise appropriate behavior in my postings on any electronic medium such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. I understand that inappropriate behavior or postings on such forums may impact my team eligibility.

4. I understand that any issues resulting from my behavior because of my disregard of this agreement, MVHS or SRVUSD policies will result in disciplinary action. This action can include suspension from the program, extra conditioning, loss of play time and/or being dismissed from the program.

I understand that in accordance with MVHS and SRVUSD rules and regulations, players must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 or above. I understand that any player with a GPA determined to be below a 2.0 will be suspended from the team until their GPA returns to a minimum of 2.0.

1. Players, coaches, parents and spectators are to conduct themselves in a manner that "Honors the Game" and demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, officials and spectators.

2. I will learn the rules of lacrosse so that I may be an informed and supportive parent and will demonstrate respect in my language, mannerisms, and actions to all individuals on and off the field.

3. I will strive to be a positive role model and applaud the good plays made by both teams and not criticize or embarrass any player, including opposing players.

4. I will leave coaching to the coaches. Per league rules, spectators and/or family members are not allowed in the team bench area before or during the game. Parent volunteers are not allowed in the team bench area during the course of the game. I understand that Monte Vista Men's Lacrosse is a very competitive high school sports program and, therefore, playing time is not a topic of discussion for parents as that determination is made solely by the coaching staff. Players who have questions about playing may speak directly with their respective coaches. If there is a need for further discussion, parents may arrange a meeting with the coach(es). lf the issue is still unresolved, then the parent(s) should contact the Athletic Director on how to address the issue in question.

5. I will leave officiating to the game officials. Even if I disagree with a call made by the officials, l will respect their decision and refrain from yelling at the referees during or after the game. I acknowledge that the referees are not professionals and will treat them with respect.

6. By entering my name(s) in the boxes below, I certify that I have read and agree to abide by the above code of conduct for parents of lacrosse players at Monte Vista High School.

I have read and initialed or signed each of the above statements to document my understanding of the expectations of members of the Monte Vista High School Men's Lacrosse Program. As a potential member of a MV Men's Lacrosse team, I agree to abide by the rules, guidelines and expectations as listed above. By typing my full name in the box below, I certify that I am the player named above.

I have read and initialed or signed each of the above statements to document my understanding of the expectations of members of the Monte Vista High School Men's Lacrosse team. As a parent of a potential member of a MVHS Men's Lacrosse team, I agree to abide by the rules, guidelines and expectations as listed above, and agree to assist my son in doing so as well. By typing my full name in the box below I certify that I am the legal parent/guardian of the player named above.

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