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Volunteer Registration Form 2015


All adults involved in NPYF&C, or attending one of its events (Adults), shall abide by the following rules. Failure to do so will result in action by the Board of Directors in its discretion, which may include suspension or banning from NPYF&C events. Violations of this Code of Conduct and penalties, if any, for such violations, shall be the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors. However, if, in the discretion of NPYF&C representatives (as described herein) present at the time of a violation, immediate action in order to maintain order, safety, or compliance, the appropriate NPYF&C representative may make that determination at the time of the violation, which must be abided by. The violation upon which the NPYF&C representative so acted will then be reviewed by the Board of Directors as soon as a quorum may be obtained for a determination of any further action or a determination that no further action is necessary. The NPYF&C representatives with the authority to take such immediate action shall be: the NPYF&C President, or, if he or she is not present at the time, by any member of the Board of Directors who is present, or the head coach of the cheer or football team who is present.

Adults shall:

1. Support the coaching staff and reserve any criticism for one on one discussion with the coaches or the NPYF&C Board, as appropriate.
2. Refrain from coaching or commenting on the play of their own child or other participants from the sidelines in a manner which is distracting to the child, other participants, the coaches, the coaches’ instruction, or other persons in attendance.
3. Observe the event from the areas reserved for spectators or parents and not enter the field of play or the restricted areas.

Adults shall not:

4. Smoke and/or use smokeless tobacco, or condone or promote their use on the field.
5. Use foul language or gestures or condone or promote its use on the field.
6. Consume alcohol in sight of the youth athletes at a practice or game site or any NPYF&C event, during the season.
7. Use illicit drugs or condone or promote their use.
8. Be verbally abusive to any youth athlete or use intimidation, degradation, isolation, or humiliation, or condone or promote such behavior toward any youth athlete by any other coach, parent, or player.
9. Be physically or verbally, or by gesture, abusive to, or accost, a youth athlete, coach, official or parent.
10. Openly criticize NPYF&C or the determinations or actions of its Board, Head Coaches, assistant coaches, or volunteers, instead placing any such complaint to the President of the League, who shall bring the complaint to the Board of Directors for its consideration. In the event of a complaint regarding a coach or coaching issues, the complaint will be brought to the coach first, and if not resolved to the parent’s satisfaction, the coach will report the complaint to the Coach’s Committee for initial review, which after consideration will report to the Board of Directors, who shall take action if necessary in its discretion.
11. Comment on, or promote or condone comment on, any person’s ethnicity, creed, or disability in any manner whatsoever.
12. Verbally or by any gesture, abuse or accost any game or league official.

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