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Read Carefully BEFORE You Begin:
** This form and deposit will register you as a RETURNING player for your CURRENT team. You are paying a deposit for your current team and holding a spot for the upcoming season.

If you DO NOT register and pay your deposit, your spot WILL NOT be held for the upcoming season.

If you do register and pay your deposit, and then decide to go with another team at ODSC or another club for the upcoming season, you will FORFEIT this deposit.

If you choose to go to another ODSC team AFTER registering and paying your deposit for your current team, you will need to pay a NEW deposit for the new team.

NOTE: Which team you register with and who you pay the deposit to is who the deposit will be applied to. You CANNOT transfer a deposit between ODSC teams. If you decide to not register as a returning player, go to tryouts, and register as a new player for a new team this will not apply as you are considered a new player registering for a new team.

1. Please make sure you fill out ALL required fields on your child's registration form.
2. Review all information for accuracy before you hit the "Submit Form" button.
3. After you submit your child's registration/Confirmation form you will have the opportunity to EDIT the form or ADD ANOTHER PLAYER.
4. Use the "Checkout" button to complete the registration process AFTER all your children's registration forms have been submitted.
5. Don't forget to PRINT a copy of each of your children's registration forms for your records.
6. Please mail a check to ODSC Treasurer for $100, or click on the PayPal button to pay deposit for player fees.

I. Player Information:

III. Family Information:

IV. Waiver of Liability and Photo Release

By checking the box below, I hereby indicate that I release "Old Dominion Soccer Club" and all it's members of "ODSC" and any other party involved in the organization and administration of ODSC tryouts of any liability for any incidents that may result in any injury on or around the training site. I hereby declare that the applicant is in good health and in case of emergency I grant permission for the applicant to be given medical treatment considered advisable at a local hospital. By checking this box, I accept all responsibility and assume all cost that may be incurred in the event of any injury, accident or even death.

Additionally, I hereby grant ODSC permission to use my child's likeness in a photo, video, in other digital media in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or consideration. ODSC may edit, alter, copy, exhibit or distribute this media without any inspection or approval of this finished product.


In the best interest of the players and their success, this Player/Parent Agreement has been developed.
The following defines what is expected from the parents, players, team manager and coach and will answer some questions you may have about the club and team procedures and the decision-making process.
Please take the time to read the following carefully.

Players Responsibility:
· You are expected to represent ODSC and your team in a professional and respectful manner at all times.
· You are obligated to follow all rules as set forth by ODSC, VSLI, VYSA, USYSA, USSF, FIFA Laws of the Game and all team specific rules.
· Behave appropriately on the field as per USSF rules and regulations. Verbal Abuse or violence on player or referees will not be tolerated. More than two red card offenses in a one year period, the player will sit out an additional game above league rules for receiving 2 red cards in a 1 year period. 1 red card in a one year period will abide by league rules.

Parents Responsibility:
· Support the coach, players and team to develop a fun positive environment, where the players can grow as soccer players without the pressure of match day results.
· Agree to pay all club and team fees on time and in full. (Payment is available here: http://www.olddominionsc.org/Travel/PlayerFees/index_E.html?1495827041)
· There are no refunds of club fees if a player decides to quit playing during the season. The commitment is for the full season.
· Line of communication should always be first with the team manager, then the head coach, then the Director of Coaching, then the Club President.
· Aside from a few paid coaches, ODSC is run by volunteers. There’s a continual need for volunteers and parent support is what helps the club continue to run smoothly.
· Follow all rules as set forth by ODSC, VSLI, VYSA, USYSA, USSF, FIFA Laws of the Game and all team specific rules.

Sideline Behavior:
· Parents should conduct themselves in a positive manner on the sideline at all times. Support with encouragement.
· Refrain from giving your child instructions during a match. It is important that players not be distracted at practices and during games by listening to multiple instructions from the sideline.
· Be your child’s biggest fan, but refrain from yelling at them or others.
· Parents should never make comments to opposing team members or referees. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave if necessary.

If disciplinary action is necessary, the following steps may be taken:

1. The Coach will discuss the problem directly and privately with the player or parent, with the expectation that the problem will be corrected immediately. If the problem persists, the player will be sent home and the coach and/or team manager will communicate with the player’s parents to discuss the problem and lack of response on the part of the player. Parents will have the opportunity to be involved with the correction of the problem at this time.

2. If the problem persists, playing time may be affected or the coach may temporarily suspend the player. In extreme cases, and if the situation warrants, the coach may ask a player to leave the team. Please note that team dismissal does not warrant a refund of any club, league, team and/or player fees.

3. If a red card is issued during league play, tournament play, or while representing ODSC, player will miss 1 additional games in addition to the game where the player was sent off. Red card behaviors will NOT be tolerated. If 2 red cards are issued during one year, 1 additional game will be sat out above the league rules.


1. Have you filled out ALL required fields on your child's registration form?
2. Have you reviewed all information for accuracy?

If so, hit the "Submit Form" button to enter your child's registration form and view the "Completed Online Forms Summary" page.

3. On the "Completed Online Forms Summary" page you can EDIT a profile or ADD ANOTHER PLAYER.
4. Use the "Checkout" button on the summary page to complete the registration process AFTER all your children's registration forms have been submitted.
5. Don't forget to PRINT a copy of each of your children's registration forms for your records.

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