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You understand you will be required to uphold the OYTF By- Laws and Rules & Regulations set forth by OYTF and the MYFC.

OYTF reserves the right to run a background check.

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Do you have any special skills or qualifications?

Give the names, addresses and phone number of two individuals, not related, who know you well and to whom we may refer, if you can please try to use people in OYTF

*By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if I am accepted as a coach/volunteer, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in my immediate dismissal. I authorize Oswego Youth Tackle Football Inc. to verify the information provided on this form as to perform a complete background check.
*I also agree that I will adhere to and follow all the rules and regulation set forth by the following, but not limited to. Oswego Youth Tackle Football Inc. reserves the right to remove a coach for any reason that it’s deemed necessary.
*I will attend all Oswego Youth Tackle Football Inc. Football Mandatory Meetings/Training to be eligible to coach for the upcoming 2017 season.
All Coaches MUST sign and follow Oswego Youth Tackle Football Inc. Football Coaches Code of Conduct.
*I will follow all the rules and regulations set forth by IHSA, Midwest Youth Football Conference and Oswego Youth Tackle Football.

All coaches are submitted and approved by the Oswego Youth Tackle Football Board.
Head Coach/Asst. Coach Privileges and Responsibilities
As a Head Coach/Asst. Coach, you must follow the rules, regulations, and By-Laws of MYFC and OYTF while embracing the spirit of the game as stated in the code of conduct.
Every decision you make as a coach should be in the best interest of the players. Helping young people develop physically, psychologically and socially is, and should be, more important than a victory. As a coach, you should instill in your players a desire to do their best and have fun. If these objectives are met, you and your players have been successful-regardless of the outcome of the game.
Code of Conduct
As a Head Coach/Asst. Coach in Oswego Youth Tackle Football, you must act in accordance with the Head Coach/Asst.
Coach Privileges and Responsibilities defined above. IN addition, you should conduct yourself with the following things in mind:
* Respect each player’s individual skills and needs. Every child plays an important role on your team.
* You are a teacher of the game. How you teach is as important as what you teach. It is your
responsibility to teach all of your players the fundamentals of the game by committing to at least two
practices a week.
* Be fair in game situations, team selections and discipline. Remember each child should have an
opportunity to have to play a variety of positions. Every coach should go above and beyond the
minimum play rule, as that is only meant to be a minimum.
* Put player’s safety and health considerations above your personal desire to win
* Show respect for the referees. Arguing judgement calls will be grounds for ejections. Head Coach and
Asst. Coach must stay on sidelines during plays.
* Head Coaches will also be responsible for parent and fan behavior in stands during their games, and
will be held accountable for their actions.
* Be knowledgeable of the rules and promote sportsmanship.
* The use of abusive language, profanity, tobacco, drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited at practice and
* Any Head Coach or Asst. Coach ejected from the a game shall face disciplinary action by the league and
OYTF with a minimum penalty for the first ejection being suspension form the next game in addition to the ejection from the subject game. A second ejection will result in the suspension of any Head Coach or Asst. Coach for the remainder of the season.
* It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to send out their own emails. Athletic Directors should be copied in those emails.
* Remember that you are a youth football coach and that the game is for the children. HAVE FUN!
I have read and understand the above Head Coach/Asst. Coach Code of Conduct and the consequences for violations and agree that I will abide by its rules.

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