Challenger Program Registration





I (we), the parents/guardians of (aforementioned registrant)
do hereby release from any and all forms of liability whatsoever all persons associated with the Pine Forge Athletic Association Baseball/Softball Program from any and all accidents and/or injuries sustained by my (our) child while engaged in any and all activities, while traveling to and from activities sponsored by the Pine Forge Athletic Association Baseball/Softball Program.

Also, I (we) hereby agree to indemnify any and all of the above mentioned individuals, New Hanover, Township, and/or organizations & Municipalities from any and all losses suffered by virtue of any and all suite started or judgment obtained on behalf of my (our) child arising out of any and all sickness/injury sustained in regard to participation in the Baseball/Softball Program.

Also, I (we) the undersigned parents/guardians do hereby agree that the Pine Forge Athletic Association Baseball/Softball Program or its coaches/assistants shall have the right in the event of any and all emergency, injury, or illness to send my (our) child to the nearest hospital or physician available and be treated.

Also, I (we) the undersigned parents/guardians hereby acknowledge that I (we) have or will, purchase the medical/hospitalization insurance to cover my (our) child in the event medical attention is necessary because of any accident/illness that is the result of/or related to activities of the Baseball/Softball Program.

This release and indemnity agreement is executed with the full knowledge and understanding and with the intention that I (we) shall be legally bound thereby.
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