Covid-19 Refund Request



Would you like to donate the fees paid for the 2020 season to the league?
Would you like a refund for the 2020 fees paid ? minus fees already paid by the league for your child to play

How do you plan to return the uniform?
No refunds will be issued until the uniform has been returned. If the uniform has not been received by 6/30/2020 your fees will be forfitted.

By electronically signing this form I am agreeing to the option I chose to have the 2020 season fees refunded or donated to the league. I also understand there will be fees deducted from the refund for items such as players insurance, socks, and other items that had been paid by the league before the Covid-19 shut down. If I would like an explanation of the deductions I can request in writing after I have received my refund if the fees are not fully explained. I also agree to forfeit all fees paid if I do not return the uniform by 6/30/2020.

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