SJABA Draft Registration Form (New Players)

The St. John's Amateur Baseball Association (SJABA) annually hosts two separate drafts for both our Intermediate and Senior leagues for any new players wishing to enter the league.

*** Deadline to register for the Draft is Friday May 24th ***

• 1st Draft is held prior to the start of the season (May)
• 2nd Draft is held mid-season (July)
• Players must be 1st year midget or older to be eligible for the Intermediate draft. (Bantam Players are not eligible)
• Players 22 years or older will be required to enter the Senior draft. (If undrafted they will be entered in the Intermediate draft.)
• Players must complete the SJABA "Draft Registration Form" to be eligible for the draft
• Players are required to complete all required fields and provide as much information as possible.
• Open Workout(s) will be held for new players prior to the 1st draft only
Group 1 Saturday May 25th 1:00 PM
Group 2 Saturday May 25th 3:00 PM
*** Alternate Date ***
Group 1 Sunday May 26th 1:00 PM
Group 2 Sunday May 26th 3:00 PM
• Players will be divided into Groups and will receive an Email indicating which session to attend
• Players should come dressed in appropriate baseball attire including your glove, bat and helmet
• There is a $5.00 draft workout fee (per player)
• All players that register for the draft may not be drafted.
• All players that are drafted may not make the team they are drafted by.
• Teams reserve the right to release player(s) at any time during the season.
• All players that are drafted and make a team may have to pay registration fees which are determined by the individual team

*** Deadline to register for the Draft is Friday May 24th ***

Any further questions or comments can be directed to






SJABA operates on a Draft system

Players are eligible to be drafted by any of the six (6) teams in the SJABA Intermediate or Senior Leagues

Players are required to play for the team / organization that they are drafted by for a minimum period of time as per league guidelines

Players that are undrafted are eligible to sign with any team or re-enter the secondary draft (July)



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