2020 SVBL Spring Season Manager Application

*All star eligibility requirements dictate that you must have managed in the then current Spring season.
Each applicant to a given Division should understand that an individual interview will be conducted. A background check is performed for ALL applicants which may include a law enforcement report as well as a personal and professional reference check. It is also a requirement of all managers to complete the online Babe Ruth Coaches Certification Program.
**SVBL is grateful for all of the volunteer managers & coaches. Please be advised that if you are managing or coaching two different teams, there is a chance game times may overlap.
Please list your coaching and personal references below: (use back of application if more room is needed)
Please USE THE SPACE BELOW to describe your past experience as a manager and/or coach. When have you managed/coached? How long? What level did you last manage/coach? List any other experience that will help the league in the selection process. Include the league and division information as well as the year(s) involved. Experience in other youth organizations/sports activities may also be helpful.
1. I will attend all manager/coach meetings.
2. I will read, understand, and abide by all league rules and procedures.
3. I will be responsible for the prompt return/accounting of all league equipment
4. I will be responsible for the completion of the assigned team field maintenance duties.
5. I will be responsible for the conduct of my team, coaches, players, parents, and fans.
6. I will be an example of good sportsmanship.
7. I will NOT smoke on the playing/practice field or near players at any time.
8. I will do my best to teach and promote good fundamental baseball skills to my team.
9. I will attend each coach/player clinic done by the league.
10. I will abide by and promote the league CODE OF CONDUCT at all times.
11. I have completed or will complete the Mandatory Babe Ruth Certificate Online prior to taking the field as a manager/coach.
12. I have completed or will complete the Mandatory Background check prior to taking the field as a manager/coach.
I understand that any violation of the above may result in disciplinary action

* indicates required fields

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