In consideration of being allowed to participate in Team Impact basketball tryouts, parent/player agrees to the following:

1. Parent/Player hereby waives, relinquishes and disclaims any and all rights he may have had to file any claim or lawsuit against the Team Impact, its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, players, coaches, managers, or any other person or organization associated with the league and games conducted by the league. Parent/Player accepts full responsibility for all injuries and accidents that may befall him that are in any way related to participating in the league, its games and practices.

2. Parent/Player waives and releases any and all claims from any person or entity for injuries, illness, death, disability, property damage, loss of expectations or any other cause of action may be related to participating in the league, its games and its practices.

3. Parent/Player understands that there are risks involved in playing basketball including risk of injury, illness, disability, property damage and other risks. Parent/Player expressly assumes the risk of participating in the sport of basketball and all related activities.

This waiver is binding upon the parent, player, his heirs, assigns, agents and transferees.

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