Fall Baseball 2017



Code of Conduct Pledge

Parents, coaches, spectators, and officials involved in youth sports events should be models of good sportsmanship and should lead by demonstrating fairness, respect, and self-control. It is your responsibility, to conform your behavior to the following code of conduct, while attending, coaching, officiating, or participating in all Totowa PAL events,

- I will remember that the game and activities are for our CHILDREN – NOT THE ADULTS.

- I will support the volunteers, coaches, and officials working with the children, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

- I will not use any tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol while at a sports event and will not attend, coach, officiate, or participate in a sports event under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

- I will remember that athletes & coaches are responsible for the care and use of all equipment issued or on site.

- I will insist that all children play in a safe and healthy environment.

- I will not engage in the use of profanity or any other offensive language.

- I will maintain direct supervision of all nonparticipating minor attendees in my care before, during and after all sporting events.

- I will not engage, nor encourage any other person, in verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any coach, parent, player, participant, official, or any other attendee.

- I will place my child’s participation in P.A.L. sports as a first priority and ahead of any other sports activities that may be involved during the same period for the benefit of all teammates and coaches.

If I, any family member, or friend attending a Totowa PAL event fails to conform to this pledge, I and the offender will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to the following in any order or combination.

1. Suspension or immediate ejection from sporting event
2. Suspension from multiple sporting events by the league.
3. Season suspension or multiple season suspension.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and discussed the Totowa PAL Code of Conduct with all family members and pledge to be responsible for our family's words and actions while participating in Totowa P.A.L. Sports programs.

I agree to honor the P.A.L. Parent Pledge in my words and actions.

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