Troop 56 AT Hike - High Point Oct 2018

Troop 56 Permission Slip

Troop 56 NJAT Hike - High Point
Sunday October 28, 2018


The first Appalachian Trail hike for the Fall of 2018 is scheduled for Sunday October 28th. Due to the length of the hike and limited daylight we will leave from the Elks at 6:30am - Please arrive before 6:15!
Be at the Elks at 6:15 AM
We need time to check gear and drivers

..... Carpool - Directions will be given out on Sunday Morning


Planned Return time to the Elks 6:00pm - APPROXIMATELY!


We will be hiking a 10 mile High Point section of the NJAT from Rt, 23 to Rt. 284. Those attending will enjoy hiking along various terrains and enjoy a fantastic view of the High Point monument. This is the shortest of our NJAT hikes and is suitable for hikers of all skill levels,

About NJ AT Hikes
As you know the T-56 NJAT hikes are a series of six day hikes we do throughout the year in an effort to complete the portion of the Appalachian Trail that cuts through the Garden State. The 72 mile NJAT has been broken down into 6 sections that range in length from 10 to 14.5 miles. For scouts interested in obtaining the Hiking merit badge, each section would count as one of the (5) required 10-mile hikes.
The hikes are open to all scouts and family members. ALL ARE WELCOME! Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend. All hikers must carry their own pack with water (at least a liter), bag lunch and snacks. Dress appropriately for the weather and conditions. Don't forget raingear and a hat! Sturdy, comfortable, well-fitting hiking boot'tare strongly recommended for this activity - sneakers are NOT. Cotton is also not welcome. For questions regarding gear, please consult your Scout handbook and ask your Patrol Leaders. Parents feel free to email or call with any questions

The hikes are ONE way, so a shuttle is required. An adult volunteer to assist with the shuttle is required. The volunteer will NOT hike with us but will drive up in their own vehicle to ferry the other drivers back to the trailhead after leaving their cars at the trail's end point.

PLEASE email Mr. Caparoso ASAP if you can fulfill this roll... The hike CANNOT happen without a Shuttle Driver
DO NOT just show up at the Elks!!! Seating is planned to minimize the number of drivers needed. If you arrive unannounced a seat may not be available. PLEASE complete the online permission slip for each hiker attending so plans can be finalized.

Do Not Bring:
Electronic devices (radio, IPods, video games, DVD players, etc.)
Cell Phones - Adult Leaders will have them for emergencies and to call parents when we get close to the Elks Club when we return.

As always "The weather will be beautiful."

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