2020 Cheer Coaches Application

** All information provided to UHJAAF will be held in strict confidence. **
** All information provided is confidential and will not be released to others. **

As a coach, you will be receiving information regarding the team events, recruitment events, clinics, etc via email. We request that every coach have an email address in order to receive this information. If you do not currently have an email address, please obtain a free email account using google or yahoo as this is a required field to submit this application. Thank you.

After reading each of the following, please check each box if you agree to comply with each. As a volunteer coach for the Upland Hurricanes JAAF&C, you must agree to all. If you do not agree with the following, your application will not be accepted for the upcoming season.

After submitting your application for consideration to become a coach with the Upland Hurricanes JAAF&C, you will be required to attend an interview. You will be notified and provided 14 days notice with your interview date and time. Coach's will be selected based on application and interview.

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