2018 WBL Buddy Ball Player Registration

The Westfield Baseball League Buddy Ball Program is open to Westfield Residents only. Ages 5 - 20. The Buddy Ball Season games will be on Saturdays from approx end of April, 2018 till early/mid June. A uniform, consisting of a t-shirt and baseball cap will be provided, so be sure to enter the correct sizes below.
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Read the following information and check each box to indicate your agreement.
I/We, the parents and/or guardians of the above named child, hereby give my/our approval to participate in any and all league activities. I/We assume all risk and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from the activities; and I/We do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the league, the chartering organization, the organizers, sponsors, participants and persons transporting my/our child to and from activities; for any claim arising out of an injury to my/our child, whether the result of negligence or from any other cause, except to the extent and in the amount covered by accident and liability insurance.

Read the Pledge of Conduct and check all of the boxes to indicate your agreement.

The primary goal of the Westfield Baseball League is to promote good citizenship through athletics. To further this goal, WBL has developed this Pledge of Conduct. It applies to all players, their parents/guardians, and coaches.

I realize that children are very aware of and imitate the type of behavior I exhibit. As the parent/guardian of player, I will set a positive example for my child while at games and practices.
I will try to learn the rules of the game, and I will trust that the coaches and umpires know the rules and not question their judgment. I will respect the umpires, and refrain from addressing them during the game. I fully understand that abuse of umpires at any time can result in loss of my participation privileges with WBL.
I will cheer for my team and offer only positive encouragement. I will never criticize the opposing team or its coaches.
I will respect the coaches and players of the opposing team and demonstrate appropriate gestures of good sportsmanship at the end of the game by being humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
I will collect all my belongings and trash and leave the facility and/or field in good condition.

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