2019 Football Season Registration Form





In accordance with the purpose and by-laws of the Williams Township Athletic Association (WTAA) I give my consent for my child to participate in the sport applied for above. I realize that as a parent or guardian I must be a member of the WTAA in and pay an annual membership fee in addition to the enrollment fee for each sport. I recognize that I am responsible for the care of, prompt return of, or replacement cost of all equipment and uniforms borrowed from the WTAA. I acknowledge and recognize that the WTAA and the Williams Township Recreation Board cannot accept responsibility for unforeseen injury to the aforementioned participant, and thereby relieve them of all responsibilities in connection with injury, damage to eye glasses, and damage to permanent teeth or denture replacements. I understand that the registration fee entitles my child to try out for said sport, but does not guarantee making the team roster. The registration fee is refundable at the sole discretion of the WTAA Board.

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