2020 Softball Registration
This registration system allows one or more players to be registered and optionally pay on-line. Please be aware that on-line registrations MUST be accompanied by on-line payment, mailed-in payment, or some other agreement with the LFPS board. If you do not pay today, please select Pay in Person or By Check. Without finalizing your registration we don''''t receive the submission and may miss your registration. If you don''''t get an email when you finish, please contact us to make sure we got the registration. Clicking the Show Instructions link in the box above this link will give an overview of the registration process. The process itself can be filled out in a linear page to page fashion by filling out the required information then typically a blue button on the bottom of the page will lead to the next section. You can always make updates to information you''''ve already filled out using the tabs on the left-hand side of the form. If you have any questions or issues with the registration system, please feel free to email us at our Info email on the Contacts page. If you prefer to print out a form, please see the Handouts section. The available divisions and participant options are listed below. You will get opportunity to pick the appropriate option(s) as you register each participant. If age and skill level are appropriate we also allow players to play up into the next division. In these cases we encourage players to play in their own division as well as the older division but you may opt to only play in the older division. You MUST pick a division to play. If you are requesting a scholarship, please make sure you pick the appropriate division for the age of your child as well as the scholarship option.
Coach, Board or Volunteer Application
Have you ever wanted to coach a team? We'd love to hear from you and see where you fit. If you have a girl in the league or even if you don't, we're always looking for coaches to help out.

We're also always looking for board members, if you want to be on the board please mark the appropriate place as well! And if you just want to volunteer in some other area that directly works with the girls "inside the fence" you'll need to fill out this form.