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Author TOPIC: New player new team
Patrick H

October 6, 2017
10:56:28 AM

Entry #: 4232508
I’m looking for a 7th grade basketball team for my son to play with. If any body looking for a guard he a good player love playing defense and he’s tough.

Joel Reyes

October 6, 2017
11:41:27 AM

Entry #: 4232519
Patrick. Give me a call to further discuss. (918) 955-4302


October 25, 2017
4:13:53 PM

Entry #: 4233645
If you still need a place to play there are a few openings in 7th boys recreational division. to register. Don't wait they will fill quickly.

Nikki Cool

April 26, 2018
9:44:52 AM

Entry #: 4247918
Does your son have interest in playing this Spring & Summer during competitive season?

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