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Author TOPIC: Beav's Blog: Pants N'At

July 31, 2008
10:40:21 AM

Entry #: 2851987
I know Greg is very proud of the Bumpkinz taking one from Harry's Pizza, just as he predicted and High Speed Dirt ridiculed him for it. Now as the Bumpkinz are on the precipice of their second straight playoff appearance, it's time to take a look at what makes good teams great. Could it be pants?

The aforementioned High Speed Dirt has been in the league since 1989 (perhaps longer than one of our players has been alive, I'm not sure Kavo). They've made the playoffs every year since 1997. They won the championship three years in a row from 2004-2006. And in their "Ramblings" blog, their number one tip to achieving softball glory: "More pants, no matter how many guys are wearing pants on the team, you need more."

Now I know this point was made with a good deal of humor behind it (next on the list is not letting anyone on the team who wants uniform #69), but it raises a good question, does wearing pants improve play? Of course trousers give the wearer the option of sliding into bases with minimal leg irritation and scarring, something that can take a full month to heal. Our best player and only player to wear pants, Brad Wilson, freely slides into base with ease, which is something the Bumpkinz appear reluctant to do. A couple of times this season, it has probably cost us outs. So yes, pants probably do improve some areas of performance.

Another pantaloon-clad Bumpkin was Kardos, whose jeans earned him the moniker "Levis." But Johnny would say that he wore the jeans primarily for defense, which as an infielder, I agree. I've always been a proponent of dressing the part, but I opt for the Jennie Finch kneepads rather than pants. Occasionally on a hard-hit groundball, I will go down on one knee to try to keep the ball in front of me. The rough, unforgiving terrain that is the infield at Marmion, has caused many abrasions on my knees over the years, even through pants. I know the kneepads probably make me look like a queer, and every high school student that we play against makes fun of me for them, but they get the job done. Usually they'll protect me when sliding into base as well.

My brother on the other hand opts for the high socks look, something that I always thought was more fashion over function. My reasoning is that if baseball pants can't even protect you from some abrasions, how will socks? Not to mention that they don't even cover your knees. He will be debuting new hosiery tonight, so we'll see how that works out for him.

Anyways, big game tonight. I'm hoping Shields will get us the updated standings soon, but he's been having problems with his email, so who knows when we'll hear anything. See you tonight.


July 31, 2008
12:09:53 PM

Entry #: 2852132
I have always believed that if you look good then you feel good and if you feel good you play good. So that being said, I think pant wearing can take a good team to the next level and make them a great team.
As for myself, my pant wearing is not to look good, it is for functional purposes as I have ripped up my legs badly on a few occassions to the point of serious infection, so I need to wear them in order to play my game.
I propose that all Bumpkinz participants in the future be forced into wearing baseball pants to encourage more sliding.


July 31, 2008
1:26:00 PM

Entry #: 2852292
Great post Beav. I really wish High Speed Dirt had a message board so I could stick it to them.

I still have a scar on my left knee from game one of this season which probably won't be going away any time soon, since it is a result of four years of sliding without protection. There was a time that I played with a cloth bandage wrapped around my knee and even a time that I wore giant red knee pads because I couldn't take it anymore, but sliding should never be a thought when you're on the base path. Sadly for me, I was sliding when most people wouldn't need to because of my speed, but thats just how it is.

Bumpkinz Good luck tonight against Heinz, there is still work to be done this season. You all know we have the bats to turn some heads in the playoffs.


July 31, 2008
6:48:48 PM

Entry #: 2852798
interesting post beav. way to take the topic from me. anyhow, pants would be an interesting equipment addition, and yes i would consider them equipment. the added confidence in sliding would be a great asset to the bumpkinz and is something to be considered.
regarding my choice of leggings yes they probably are more fashion than function, but i at least feel that they give me a little added protection. and maybe i like getting the scars from diving and sliding. as beav and others know, i'm always one to show off an injury and milk it for all it's worth. but anyhow, hopefully my latest fashion purchase will serve me well tonight.
speaking of tonight, let's go out there and take care of business. see you all at the field.


August 1, 2008
10:05:06 PM

Entry #: 2854244
I failed to mention that Steve Reed also wears pants when he plays. I must have forgotten because he never slides into base.


August 4, 2008
4:02:35 PM

Entry #: 2856557
Disclaimer:I have decided to respond to this posting with the smiley guy as my endorsement.

"COOL SMILEY" says, " Pants are not that cool. I know a guy on the Bumpkinz named Dezzy who decides that sliding head first is so much cooler and more dangerous. After he slid into home last year on an inside-the-park homerun and ripping his leg to the bone, literally because it was his shin, and still having the scar and darkness to his shin area, he feels that sliding head first not only demonstrates toughness as you may take a ball to the "Dome Peice son", as he would say. As i must also mention,

Wilson quotes Deion Sanders in his new T.V. Series on VH1 in saying that if you look good, you feel good...and if you feel good, you play good.

If we are quoting the Hollywood Hills celebrity bushleaguers...then "Cool Smiley" must quote The Replacements: " CHICKS DIG SCARS"...think about it. Feet first or Head First...LETS JUST FREAKIN SLIDE YOU BUMPKINZ...

A wise man once said, " A Bumpkinz could turn into a Blumpkinz if yin'z iz lucky" -Anonymous

Thats what she said.

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