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Author TOPIC: The Original Beav's Blog: Night Games
Coach Beav

June 17, 2009
12:23:45 AM

Entry #: 3189511
Is it just me, or do the Bumpkinz always seem to play worse in these 8:15 games? We've played 3 games after 8:00 this year (should have been 4), and we have lost all 3 (again, should have been all 4). Looking back at the stats from last year (yes I do keep them and refer to them), we were 5-5 in games played after 8:00. However, 4 out of those 5 victories were against the pathetic Drama Queens and Big Chiefs.

So what is it about playing under the lights? Well, perhaps it's the fact that there aren't enough of them. For a long time, I've thought that Marmion has some of the dimmest baseball/softball lights I've ever seen. And of course at least half-a-dozen lights are always burned out at one time. Perhaps this is contributing to some of our fielding difficulties? I don't want to make excuses, but sometimes that field is so dark ... [I thought better and removed this joke, insert your own]. But then again, both teams play on the same field, under the same conditions, so who's to say.

Has anybody else noticed this or have any explanations?


June 17, 2009
11:32:10 AM

Entry #: 3189879
The lighting is definitely a factor in errors. Trying to track a ball in poor lit areas, while running backwards, or sideways, can be very tricky on the eyes.

Mainly, we need to have our outfielders communicate to the infielders more. When i was attempting to pursue pop-flys last game, I heard footsteps, but no call-offs, therefore, triggering the thought of a collision. Hence why i backed off of three pop-flys. Outfielders need to dictate who has the right-of-way in pursuing a ball so that everyone knows who has it. They are the best judge of the ball and the persons who have authority to call off other players in pursuit if they have a better angle/chance at making the play.

Solution: Let Dezzy run-wild like a horse while batting, Outfielders call the shots with pop-flys that go beyond ten-feet of infield/grass merger points, and more precise pitching. Old-men teams look to walk alot, so if we can lure them into swinging, we can give ourselves a better chance at getting outs.

Chamorro Punch

June 17, 2009
12:43:12 PM

Entry #: 3189987
I think we are too serious and need to have more fun and harass each other more. Not sexually. That's gross.

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