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Author TOPIC: Throwing the Bat

May 29, 2008
9:33:15 AM

Entry #: 2769460
A common misconception is that a batter may be called out for throwing the bat. This is simply not true. Rules 6.05 and 6.06 list a number of ways a batter may be called out, none of which state that a batter may be called out for throwing the bat.

The only penalty for throwing the bat that can be imposed on a batter is ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct; a drastic step that should be avoided if at all possible.

The only solution comes from teaching the player not to throw the bat. As this is a safety issue, managers should work with players having this problem to insure that it stops before an injury occurs.

If you have any questions about throwing the bat, or any other rule, please send your questions to me at:

Jeffrey Knoebel
Indiana D5 UIC


May 29, 2008
11:12:47 PM

Entry #: 2770651
Hi Jeff, your forum entries are fantastic. Thank you very much. As for the bat throwing, I had a player tonight that accidently threw the bat and she received a warning from the plate ump. If she had done that a second time also by accident, would the umpire been just to call her out?
Thanks, Mark


May 30, 2008
10:57:47 AM

Entry #: 2771104
No, there is no rule that allows a batter to be called out for throwing the bat. The only penalty is ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct, something we should all want to avoid.

I understand the desire to impose a penalty short of ejection to stop a player from doing this and a warning is a good start. However, there simply is no rule to back up calling the batter out. Should an umpire call a batter out for throwing the bat, the result could be a protest by the offensive team that most surely will be upheld.

I'm glad you like the posts. Hope they are helpful.

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