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Author TOPIC: Pitcher to Catcher & Catcher to Pitcher - Baseball

April 12, 2010
3:34:20 PM

Entry #: 3440890
Regulation VI, found near the front of the Little League Rule Book, deals with certain issues regarding the Pitcher including when a catcher is prohibited from being placed on the mound as a pitcher and when a pitcher is prohibited from going behind the plate as a catcher.

Regulation VI (c) Note 1 (found on page 38) prohibits a pitcher, who has delivered 41 or more pitches, from playing the position of catcher for the remainder of the day, including the second game of a doubleheader.

Regulation VI (a) was amended by the 25th Congress in Lexington, KY to include the following:

Exception: Any player, who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game, is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day.

For the purposes of this regulation, playing the position of catcher in an inning is the act of playing that position as one or more pitches in that inning is delivered.

These changes came about as a result of, what was described as, an epidemic of throwing-related injuries to the arms of children. With the help of experts in the fields of biomechanics, sports-medicine, and sports training, these limits have been implemented. In short, they are rules designed to protect the arms of young players.

If you have any question about Regulation VI, or any other rule or regulation, please send your questions to me at:

Jeffrey Knoebel
Indiana D5 UIC

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