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Author TOPIC: Post deleted

August 21, 2019
9:59:03 AM

Entry #: 4266526
How come this post was deleted from the forum?

Maybe I'm beating a dead horse here, but this rain out rule is ridiculous. How is it fair that some teams have 6 rain outs or no umps, or no lights, or for whatever other reason, 6 re-scheduled games - get everyone on their roster - 6 games played?

This rule allows a player to play in 2 games all year, and then be playoff eligible. Provided the team had 6 rain outs.

I feel bad for each tier convener, as this games played thing is a mess.

Question - if a rain out gets re-scheduled, and then gets rained out again - is that 2 games of games played?

Every appeal for playoff exemption should be allowed this year - because the few 'unlucky' teams with less then 2 rain outs all year should get the same benefit as those 'lucky' teams with 6 or 7 rain outs. What a joke.


tim k

August 21, 2019
10:27:11 AM

Entry #: 4266527
Glad to see the repost. I started to post a reply and it it was gone. In any case,no one gets double credit for games rained out. So if if your 1game of the season is postponed, everyone on the roster then gets credit. If the reschedule is rain out later those people do not get credit again. Think about it as the max games a player can ever get credit for is 20 games.

It also follows that if that reschedule game gets rained out again, and gets postponed again (because of a permit issue, or weather) those people who got credit for game 1 still dont get credit.

In terms of the thought it is a huge complicated challenge for a convenor to check that is just incorrect. For the heck of it I went over every team in every tier. There are issues, but they are where a team should or could have given their entire roster credit and didnt but to check the entire league it took me an hour and 10 minutes.

But to the issue you raise on a player can potentially play 2 games an qualify for playoffs, yes they can. But lets be realistic, if your banking on 6 games being rained out at the start of the season, well good luck as unless you get the "perfect storm" it will rarely happen..

From my perspective though, when the season has lots of huge issues and guys change work schedules to make a game and then a game is called they should get credit.

I know our team and the Hamilton Angels have 5 cancelled or postponed games just between the two teams. We have had umps not show, we have been actually in games that got rained out, that got fogged out, and over this season have 4 times been in parks when they got rained out.

The result, we have had to played 25% of our entire season in 9 days, and when yet another game was "fogged out" had it been forced we would have had more than 6 games in 11 days. I know we had guys who can only play weekends or couldnt play certain nights and when the season started they had 10 games schediuled they could make but games had to be rescheduled on friday nights or other nights they couldnt play.

Our team would far rather just have played than what has been the worst year ever from a postponed, rained out, permits being cancelled, A city double booked a park, games cancelled because umps didnt show and on and on.

So you can call it a joke, its your opinion, as my opinion is different and that is ok. Its rec ball league with guys having lots of things going on and yes we will have players who actually play every single game this year, that last year played 1 game for injury and they didnt need 1 credited rain out to do that but no one is manipulating mother nature, or getting umps to not be available, or having a City double book a park or have 2 teams in a park and lights dont work.

This is far less an item some one can miss use, than is injuries and a team just declaring a player injured may 1st , have them qualify for the playoffs and then show up in the playoffs.


August 22, 2019
4:45:37 PM

Entry #: 4266566
Except it has happened, and there are a couple of teams that are benefiting from it.

Somewhere along the way, the GHBL came up with a 8 game minimum to qualify for playoffs. There is a reason for that. This getting a GP for a rain out is forcing us to rethink the rule, as 'the perfect storm' has occurred (pun intended).

I can see it from the other side as well, the, I know I can only make Sunday games, and I'll miss the weekday games. 3 Sunday rain out games, and you are SOL. So this rule was created - except the rule is incomplete, because 6 rain outs, is 6 games played for every rostered player - even the part time guys.

I propose - for next year - that if the GHBL wants to keep this rule, then cap it at a limit of 3 games played for rain outs. If you have more then that - then sorry - try to make more games.

Or scrap it all together, and field players that can make more then 8 games. Including rain outs.


August 26, 2019
11:34:58 AM

Entry #: 4266647
It does seem like a pretty pointless rule that can get tiresome to uphold. I input the stats for the Lake Monsters and was only really told about this mid-way through the year. If you look at our stats we have a couple guys who have over 20 games. Was this on purpose? Just look and see, one of them is TJ, if anything we'd try to get him ineligible for the playoffs not give him way more games. Clearly I've missed a game(s) that was rescheduled a couple times or didn't notice a reschedule to not include that as a GP.

Unless something has changed in the few years I've stopped going to meetings there had to be a pretty obvious discrepancy for a player to be denied a playoff exemption. Why create more drama with a rather stupid rule to begin with when in the spirit of the league there has always been flexibility for exemptions. To use Mimzy as an example if he could only play Sundays and his team had 9 Sundays scheduled but 3 were rained out would anyone serious vote no to him playing in the playoffs?

Seems like things are getting was too over-complicated at the top, something like this would of been laughed off the table years ago. But maybe I'm missing something that has changed, who knows?

I wouldn't want to be a Tier Convener this time of year (or ever, much respect to those that do!)

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