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Author TOPIC: Free agent - Matthias Nevins
Matthias Nevins

June 19, 2019
7:45:59 PM

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My name is Matthias Nevins and I currently live in Colchester, VT.

I am 29 years old and have a deep respect for the game of baseball. I played competitively through high school (4 years on varsity and captain senior year) and every summer (Granite state big blue 2007 and 2008) before starting college. I made the decision to pursue other interests in college.

I am great team player with the ability to play any position. I have the most experience playing first base, middle infield, outfield, and relief pitching. I have a moderate arm, good speed and base running ability, excellent defensive capabilities, and am a very strong hitter. I am aware that you are in the middle of your season, but I would be excited to help fill in the gaps with your team if there is a need. I have a preference for Burlington area teams.

Thanks in advance for considering me.


June 23, 2019
1:58:33 PM

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