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Author TOPIC: 1st 2011 League Meeting

March 21, 2011
1:53:32 AM

Entry #: 3680250
Hello fellow Canuck fans, sorry I mean fellow fastball fans . The 2011 season is nearly upon us so I'am pleased to announce the 1st league meeting for the 2011 season is set for Wednesday March 23rd 7:30pm at Tony Roma's. Please 1 member from each team is mandatory but the exec would like if possible 2 members from each team. Makes our beer sales go up for the start of the season yaeh baby yaeh. I once again will be providing the stats this season, I have so much FUN coming out to games and seeing everybody. My son also likes it too. So good luck to you all and have a GREAT WESTERN FUNTIMERS season, hope to see ya out there hey Batpimp/poptart, just kiddin. Might as well get the ball rollin sort of speak. GO CANUCKS GO

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