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Author TOPIC: Mad Penguins 2nd Annual Steak Night

April 18, 2011
1:25:33 PM

Entry #: 3704627
Hey everyone,

Just wanting to let you all know we will be hosting another Steak Night this year. Details are:

Saturday, May 28th.
Last Straw
4pm - 11pm
$20 per ticket.

Thanks for supporting us last year, and we hope to see you all out again.

If you want tickets, contact myself or Ryan.

Barclay: 529-6744 or
Ryan: 57-7617 or


April 18, 2011
1:29:47 PM

Entry #: 3704634
Whoops...Ryan: 570-7617


June 2, 2011
12:44:07 AM

Entry #: 3737920
Thanks again for thosE of you that came out on Saturday. Much appreciated!

Mad Penguins

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