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Author TOPIC: Allstar Day Results

June 27, 2011
3:02:33 AM

Entry #: 3753772
Well, the results are in. Starting with the annual league allstar game, Team Great Western beat Team Extreme Sports 22-14.It had a little bit of offence and defence, some bombs and some lady luck. It took some GREAT late inning production, and some EXTREME defence to produce the MVP's of this game. The Womens MVP was Vannessa Enright from the Range Rovers and representing TEAM EXTREME SPORTS who took home the honors, and for the Mens MVP was John Davis from The Flying Pigs and representing TEAM GREAT WESTERN with a late grand slam to put home the victory. Honorable mentions go to Rick Odow who pitched all 9 innings for the victory as well as Jenn Hellquist who had a pretty good day at the plate. All in all it was a good afternoon of ball for all who came to watch. Next was a little mini home run derby before the evenings game, and we had a little fun with it and it produced sudden death in both mens and womens competitions. Winning the womens fun home run derby was Kindra Mohr from the Flying Pigs and for the Mens it was defending HR derby champ Kenny Gaudet from the Range Rovers. Now the results for the Funtimers League allstars vs Great Western Goodtimers allstars. Final score was 28-11 with Jeremy Kwasny from TCO taking home the MVP honors in this game with 4 bombs to help lead our league to victory. Great defence from both sides especially from players playing 3rd and short stop. And another great catch from a Funtimers league allstar who played centre field. This game also produced fans from both leagues in the stands. At this time I would like to thank Chuck Runge and John Davis for helping out with the announcing and play by play action, it was their first time and I thought they did a great job. Another GREAT night for ball and I had a lot of fun being part of the whole experince. Hope who came out and watched as well had fun, and here's to another allstar game in the books.

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