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Author TOPIC: Gw Receipts
The Past Pres

February 24, 2012
4:08:49 PM

Entry #: 3870674
Hey El Presidente here,
just an FYI for the GW receipts this year...
TCO 9,246.54
RangeRovers 5,486
GreenJayz 2034.11
Rockers 1023.28
Dawgz 416.65

Plus I have had a preliminary meeting with GW on Tuesday, sorta of an impromptu meeting. They are again pleased with our overall support, $18,233. But she is very disappointed with only 5 teams contributing receipts. I explained it is 6 but the 6th team hands theres in through an alternate teams.
Basically what i am saying is teams 7 through 10 we need you to start collecting receipts. She wants to reduce sponsorship if this does not improve. So please help out the 6 teams that do collect by not having our sponsorsip reduced. Every receipt counts, plus it is 10% back to your league fees


February 29, 2012
8:28:13 AM

Entry #: 3872582
There is always other companies to approach if she wants lower the amount, and I would be happy to go with you to these other companies. Let me know PreZ

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