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Author TOPIC: Poker Night

April 10, 2012
10:08:11 PM

Entry #: 3894537
Date: Sat. May 12th
Time: 6:30pm start time
Place: Fireside Bistro(Smith and 15th Ave)
Price $40.00 entry

$20 re buys for the first 3 rounds.
One time $20 add on at the end of the 3rd round

The Past Pres

April 12, 2012
10:11:33 PM

Entry #: 3895908
Hey Sunny, at the fireside bistro? wow thats a weird spot. When do you need to know by? I will pass it around. I work that day but should be able to get off early.


April 13, 2012
12:32:50 AM

Entry #: 3895989
Hey Rog
Just let me know how many people you are bringing, show up by 6:30pm and have fun..few days before is fine to let me know.



April 14, 2012
2:00:06 AM

Entry #: 3896539
Sorry the location is Bistro(3850 Hillsdale St)


April 29, 2012
9:02:50 PM

Entry #: 3905673
Sunny's contact info:
cell #581-3900

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