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Author TOPIC: Picking Up Players
The Past Pres

April 12, 2012
10:27:27 PM

Entry #: 3895915
This is a touchy matter, I know we all want to get better and the easiest way to get better is take take players from other teams. Well unfortunately this only weakens other teams and our league. I really wish that teams would recruit from outside our league and bring in new players. THis would benefit everyone. I know losing one player hurt my team never mind another team i know that has lost 5 or 6. I am not blaming any owners directly, but i truly think that we should talk to a team captain before "recruiting" players from our league. I am also not dumb, i know that sometimes players just wanna leave for personal reasons(if they are unhappy with the team or indivdual players), but im sure that the teams already knew this and the captain is not blindsided 2weeks or less that these players are leaving. I am only suggesting this as a courtesy to the team to find new players.
Also, on this topic, I am personally against taking any players from an existing team, i dont care how good they are or how bad my team is. I want to expand our league... not shrink it. But i guess thats what "spirit of the game" means to me.

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