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Author TOPIC: Locked gates

April 25, 2012
6:01:45 PM

Entry #: 3903647
Every team rep should have a key to the gate, to unload all the equipment, and beer coolers. I don't see the harm in driving this stuff in and then taking ur vehicle out. There is no way in anymore. This Also brings up a safety issue, if some one is seriously injugured an indeed of a ride out, or worse a ambulance needs to be called, there is no way in or out. Unless ur playing a team with the select few that have a key to the gate!


April 29, 2012
10:41:58 PM

Entry #: 3905799
regarding the key for gate lock,someone taylor, unless u work for the city or own a pooper pumper truck no one else has key either,well except moi but i must be one of the special ones eh haha

The Past Pres

May 2, 2012
9:21:30 PM

Entry #: 3908288
I will contact the city regarding gate keys, but only for the purpose of emergency vehicles. But as far as dropping off coolers, as we are not allowed to drink on city property i will not approach the city with that arguement. I do agree that if an ambulance has to get into the diamond it may be a good idea. I am very doubtful we will be able to get a key, but i certainly can ask.

Old Dawgz

May 5, 2012
2:47:41 PM

Entry #: 3909824
Would it be possible to put the key to the gate (that we have now) in the shed and then if there is an emergency then we can grab the key and open the gate. This way we don't have to get 9 keys cut....


May 8, 2012
1:25:13 PM

Entry #: 3911576
If an Ambulance had to come, obviously worst case scenario, a vehicle can fit past the posts up on the sidewalk. Just an FYI.

The Past Pres

May 10, 2012
12:15:10 PM

Entry #: 3913047
City said no to getting everyone keys, ambulances are equipped to go to the gates and bring stretchers in. There are lots of city parks that this happens with and they arent going to hand out keys to us for the gate

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